Save African Rhino Foundation


SUPPORT FOCUS: Rhino Conservation

Since 2011 the IAPF has been assisting SAVE and their supporters on the ground in Zimbabwe, as part of their fundraising efforts to save rhino.

In 2012, Damien Mander delivered a speech at Perth Zoo, in conjunction with SAVE’s CEO Nicholas Duncan. The talk raised $10,000 for African rhino conservation efforts.

SAVE were originally called to action by the fact that between 1972 and 1987, 96% of Africa’s black rhinos were slaughtered for their horn, from 65,000 down to 3,500.  In 1987, Zimbabwe had around 2,000, South Africa, Kenya and Namibia each had 450 and Tanzania was home to the remaining 150.  Now, 25 years on, it’s Namibia and South Africa up near 1,900 each, Kenya at 550, Zimbabwe with 400 and Tanzania down to less than 100.

Since starting they have raised more than $4,200,000, the vast majority being used to preserve Zimbabwe’s rhinos, many of whom would by now have been poached had it not been for our intervention with vital anti-poaching resources.