Our Wish List

Please email your nearest office for postage instructions. Details are on the Contact Us page. Thank-you. 


Training & Operational Supplies

• New/ second hand Mac Book Pro (they have long life batteries and rugged for in the field)
• Second hand iPhones & Android phones (using Google Maps in the field to input data)
• Air miles & travel vouchers
• Personal and vehicle tracking devices
• Rechargeable batteries and chargers (AA & AAA)

• Good quality, rugged wrist watches
• iPad’s or tablets
• Computers/laptops

• Digital projector
• Nightvision/Thermal Imaging equipment
• Tracksticks (www.trackstick.com)

• Handheld Gps devices

• PDAs for using the Cybertracker software (http://cybertracker.org/hardware/hardware-to-run-cybertracker)
• First aid kits & first aid supplies (field dressings, Israeli bandages, Quickclot, FAST sets, Defibrillator etc.)

• • Binoculars, compasses
• Flashlights, head torches, lanterns
• Batteries for large Maglite torches (D cell)

• Camelbacks, bladders, water bottles, etc.
• Up to date reference books (ie Birds, Plants, Mammals)

• Knives & Leatherman’s/ multi-tools
• Camera traps for wildlife observations
• Lithium or high quality batteries for camera traps

• Tactical equipment
• SLR cameras & lenses
• Camera bags
• Backpacks (small & suitable for the bush)
•• Fishing tackle (for the rangers off-duty times)
• Vegemite! (Eating Marmite just isn't the same)



From within Africa only

• Surplus military, camping, firefighting, law enforcement and park management equipment welcomed in addition to the above.
• Exercise equipment (boxing, weights, etc.)

• Landcruiser/ Land Rover spares
• 4X4 tyres
• Office equipment
• Industrial sewing machine
• Building materials & tools
• Up-to-date desktop computers (good working condition and not more than 2 years old)
• Solar panels & accessories
• Rations


Don’t want to travel to the front lines? That’s cool. You could really help us with the following. Please be aware it does us more harm than good to commit to something and pull out half way through the job. Before you put your hand up, please ask yourself, are you really committed?


Skills or Services Wish List

  • Printing
  • Crowd Sourcing Campaign Manager (with successful history)
  • Hosting and organising fundraising events
  • Locating equipment from our equipment wish list
  • Grant & proposal writing

  • Locating Corporate Sponsorship

  • Celebrity endorsement

  • Travel agent marketing for our Green Army Program
  • Mechanics for servicing vehicles (Nelspruit / Victoria Falls)