Firstly, I would like to thank you for your interest in the IAPF and our Green Army initiative. Unfortunately; the situation here in Africa is critical with many wildlife species facing extinction. The IAPFs mission is to protect wildlife in volatile regions and we must carry on with our mission at all costs.

You can choose to come here to the frontline and be a part of this mission.

The animals of both South Africa & Zimbabwe would be grateful if they could talk, but they cant and there will be no thank you from them when you depart. We are all here for something other than satisfying our own objectives and aspirations. We are here to make a difference and create hope for tomorrow. This cannot happen without people like you. Regardless of how you think you fit in, the contribution to our mission comes in many forms. Please do not lose sight of the big picture. Your stay will be a journey you will always look back on. We would be grateful to have you here. You can be part of a very positive step for our future. 




Damien Mander