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Over the last 11 years, we have supported or led 50+ conservation initiatives and helped protect over 9.8 million acres of wilderness saving countless wildlife.

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It is critical we protect our natural world

The ecosystems that balance our climate and make life on Earth possible are under extreme threat. Without sufficient action, we are destined to take millions of species to extinction. There has never been a more critical issue in the history of human civilisation than the immediate protection of the natural world.

Founded in 2009, the International Anti-Poaching Foundation has transformed a traditionally adversarial approach to conservation into an innovative, empowering and gender-diverse model to protect wildlife and habitats.

We are a leader in on-the-ground solutions for nature conservation, protecting and restoring nature in ways that contribute both to national conservation strategies and the empowerment of indigenous communities.

Our programs

Akashinga - Indigenous and Community-Led Conservation

Akashinga is a community-driven conservation model, empowering disadvantaged women to restore and manage large networks of wilderness alongside their local communities, as an alternative economic model to trophy hunting.

Our goal is to employ 1,000 female rangers by 2025 protecting a network of 20 nature preserves under IAPF management.

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LEAD Ranger - International Conservation Leadership

LEAD Ranger program delivers tailored training, long-term support and mentoring to develop wildlife crime-enforcement leaders and instructors who remain based in the ecosystems they are protecting.

In this joint initiative program, our goal is to train rangers that collectively protect 50 million acres.

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