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Become a Guardian.

Join our loyal community of monthly donors, guarding the future of wildlife and wilderness under threat.


Our Guardians are a community of generous members who are committed monthly to restoring the African wilderness and bringing back its majestic creatures.

They stand beside local rangers who are trained to protect the vast landscapes of wilderness we set out to protect and restore. Their monthly donations ensure we can continue to protect these lands.

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This is the place to make a difference.

If you feel heart-broken seeing the rapid decline of incredible wildlife such as lions, elephants and rhinos, as well as destruction of their habitat, this is the place to make a difference. Even $10 a month can make a huge difference.

Global wilderness has declined to just 35%

Our Guardians stand beside local rangers who are trained to protect the vast landscapes of wilderness we set out to protect and restore.

We don’t have much time left

In these parts there are only:


of elephants left


of lions left


of rhinos left


Meet some of our passionate Guardians

Our supportive community of givers comes together every month to stand up for a better world. They are generous and caring. And like you, they’re ready to make a positive change.

“The challenging and dedicated work of the IAPF – the Akashinga – the brave ones – is critical to all of us.  No matter what continent or country we live in. Their heroic efforts to save species and habitats foreshadows our future. We must support them to safeguard ecosystems essential to our collective survival – now - and for generations to come.”

Catherine V. B.

Guardian Donor Catherine

“By donating to IAPF I help the community to protect the local wildlife, and I love that double impact.

I want these elephants and rhinos to still be around for when my kids are grown up, and IAPF gives me hope that’s possible.”

Laura A.

Guardian Donor Laura

“Ending poaching and securing a future for wildlife is a cornerstone activity in the ESSENTIAL FOODS Charity program.

Nobody deliveries more results and bang for the conservation buck than IAPF and the amazing teams behind it.”

Christian D.

Guardian Donor Christian


Together, we can guard and protect the majestic wildlife of Africa and their habitats,  to restore what has been lost.

Become part of a community of inspirational givers who are ready to change the world for the better.