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Sinamasanga Primary School Fundraising Endurance March

The Zimbabwean primary school needs more classrooms. Akashinga Rangers are fundraising to make that happen.

The Akashinga Rangers have taken on the challenge. Will you join them?

Fundraising Goal: USD$12,000 to help build a classroom block for Sinamasanga Primary School in the Songo Conservancy of Zimbabwe.

The 24-Hour Challenge:
Walking all day and night through the wilderness with the not-so-distant calls of hyenas and the trumpeting elephants nearby is no easy task. And yet, six of our highly-trained Akashinga Rangers are doing just that all in the name of education.

Starting on August 14, these rangers will compete in a 24-hour endurance walk from Victoria Falls to Msuna, located at the top of Lake Kariba. As they challenge themselves to break the 138 km (about 85.75 mi) record, this endurance walk will test the rangers’ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength.

By giving today, you keep our rangers moving forward.

The Details:
The endurance walk starts at 10am in Victora Falls on August 14. After walking for 24 hours, the rangers will arrive in Msuna. Your gift today can help the rangers reach their fundraising goal of $12,000 and their physical goal of 138+ km (over 85 miles).
*An IAPF crew and vehicle will follow the rangers on their journey to ensure their safety.

At IAPF, our dedication to conservation goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to education.
Investing in future generations by providing access to education and conservation-specific curriculum in classrooms, environmental awareness is fostered and shared, building a sustainable future that benefits both the wildlife and the community.

As part of our educational programme, we remodel and build schools in rural Zimbabwean communities. We also offer scholarships to underprivileged school children (to date, our scholarship programme has awarded over 200 long-term scholarships), support local teachers' training and salaries, and incorporate conservation education into the curriculum.

Sinamasanga Primary School currently hosts 510 enrolled students spanning across eight grade levels. With only six small classrooms and much of the learning happening outdoors, our construction of a new classroom block can provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for these young learners.

Sinamasanga Primary School is at the centre of the local community here. Many rangers call this region home, and many of the rangers attended school at this same Sinamasanga school they now proudly support.

Last year, IAPF constructed a new classroom block at Sizemba Secondary School in the same district as Sinamasanga. We plan to continue building new classroom blocks and teachers' cottages each year across the Zambezi Valley. Additionally, plans are in place to provide solar energy systems, access to electricity, clean water, and connectivity to schools in this remote region.

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