IAPF on 60 Minutes Australia

Have you seen the video – are you ready to join in with us?

If you haven’t seen the show yet, here it is!

We’re so glad you’re interested in the 60 Minutes Australia show about IAPF and our Akashinga all-female ranger program and the elephants they protect (and of course, our founder Damien Mander, too)!

The TV show shares some great information about our work to stop poaching in Africa. 60 Minutes highlighted the fact that IAPF protects endangered African wildlife and ecosystems through our program Akashinga (“The Brave Ones”). Our conservation efforts also include two more programs in Africa: LEADRanger in Kenya, and Special Investigations in multiple counties.

IAPF’s on-the-ground activities include:

  • active anti-poaching operations,
  • customized ranger training,
  • supplying equipment and technological solutions,
  • and providing critical project management and administrative support to local communities engaged in preventing poaching and parts trafficking.

Will you join us and help protect elephants, rhinos, and lions in Africa?

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