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It is critical we protect our natural world, biodiversity has plummeted to 35% of its original size.

The LEAD Ranger program delivers tailored training, long-term support and mentoring to develop wildlife crime-enforcement leaders and instructors who remain based in the ecosystems they are protecting.

In remote, dynamic and demanding environments, rangers need access to continuous professional development by their peers, in their own language and their own workplace. We provide this solution.

The program works with an expanding network of well-established conservation organisations to instil a culture of competence, learning and conservation leadership.

This program is a collaborative initiative by the IAPF, the Thin Green Line Foundation, and Ranger Campus. Our goal is to train rangers that collectively protect 50 million acres.

Rangers on Patrol
Rangers in the fieldRangers researching and planningLead Rangers PatrollingRangers on patrol in the forestRangers studying


LEAD Ranger develops wildlife crime enforcement leaders and instructors who remain based in the ecosystems they are protecting.

The program provides them with solutions of long term support in the form of the lesson materials, mentoring and refresher courses.

The LEAD Ranger program is ISO 9001 certified, an internationally recognised certification that ensures benchmarks of high-quality standards using relevant, up-to-date and evidence-based curriculum.


The LEAD Ranger program 
has high training standards that are used by multiple ranger training organisations and recognised by an increasing number of elite conservation organisations.

Rangers training outside

Through our LEAD Ranger program, we have trained:

Where the IAPF operates, poaching is eliminated by over


Subjects taught include 
Ranger Life Saver, which has been proven effective in saving lives within a very short period, Patrolling, Forensic Awareness, Firefighting, Communication, Human Rights, and any other subject needed for professional, effective and safe operations.

Rangers discussing soil
Rangers scaling a cliff
Rangers discussing soil

More rangers means 
more animals protected

For only $10 a month you could ensure our rangers are able to continue patrolling conservation areas and protect wildlife under constant threat.

Poachers don’t rest, so we can’t either but we can't do it alone.