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Visit IAPF Community Projects
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Visit IAPF Community Projects

$ 9,500.00 USD

This exclusive item is a one-off, so snap it up fast! Come and see the impact our locally-focused approach has on the communities who live around our conservation areas. On this unique trip, you'll see how our mission is bringing more children into local schools and educating them about the importance of living at one with the natural world. You'll also get to explore the villages that are home to our rangers. You'll see how acting locally is helping us not only care for the wildlife but also develop and empower women and their families across Africa. While the price of this item only covers the visit to the villages, transfers, and a night's accommodation, we can also help you make the most of your trip to Africa, and help you get a full taste of all that Zimbabwe has to offer.

Flights are not included. Meals, Basic Accommodation, and Transfers are included. Travel insurance will be required. This experience will occur sometime in 2022 when it's safe to travel. The package is for 2 guests - 2 days / 1 night but we are flexible and will ensure you have a great time.

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